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How do you avoid getting poison oak?

Essentially you must be aware and very careful to avoid touching the plants.

First, become very familiar with the appearance of poison oak in all of its different variations. It may be 1 inch tall or a 30 foot tall bush. It may be a vine. It may grow in clumps or alone. It has many appearances, but is generally easy to recognize once you are familiar with it.

Second, think about poison oak and look for it constantly every time you are off of a paved road in an area where it grows. This is important at all times of the year.

Third, try to wear protective clothing and remember to not touch your body with your hands until they are washed. This is the most common reason for spread to the face and genitals.

Fourth, consider taking soap and water (or at least a soapy washcloth) and a change of clothes if you are hiking, fishing, or for some reason are spending a length of time away from a shower. Washing with a soapy washcloth and putting on a clean set of clothes for the evening may prevent poison oak even on prolonged backpacking trips, even if you must put the contaminated clothes on the next day to hike in.

Fifth, remove poison oak from your yard. Spray it with Crossbow or other alternatives and cut it down. Do not burn it. This may be a never ending job, but eventually you can remove most of it from areas near your home.

If you would like additional detailed information on poison oak allergies, contact us and make an appointment at our clinic.

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