Pollen Season update

July 19th, 2010

We have stopped pollen counts for the season, as the Rotorod is only picking up a few occasional weed pollen grains at this point. As a reminder, weed season is typically much less burdensome than tree and grass season in the Rogue Valley, though occasional high weed pollen counts may still occur during the remainder of the summer. The Klamath Basin is a bit different, with sage and other weeds pollinating throughout the summer, worse on windy days.

Fortunately, we have not seen significant wildfire smoke in the Rogue Valley and Klamath Basin (yet). Please keep an eye on the news and adjust your activities appropriately when the smoke arrives.

Kevin Parks MD

Prolonged tree and grass pollen this year

July 9th, 2010

We continue to see the effects of late spring rains as tree and grass pollen linger into July. Upcoming heat will likely suppress pollen somewhat, but grass-allergic individuals should not assume (as has been the case in previous years) that July 4th marks the end of grass season.

Early season wildfires have begun. Thankfully, these are limited in size and not particularly impactful to most Rogue Valley and Klamath Basin residents thus far. Please keep an eye on wildfire news over the next 3 months and be ready to keep asthma in check by following your action plan during this tricky time of year.

Kevin Parks MD